Reimbursement Program Claim Form

Use this Reimbursement Claim Form if:
(1) you are a Class Member;
(2) you believe your Dive Computer had a depth pressure sensor failure;
(3) you discarded your Dive Computer due to a depth pressure sensor failure and you no longer have the Dive Computer; and
(4) you did not receive a free repair or replacement of your Dive Computer, or you purchased a replacement Dive Computer as part of a warranty program at a cost to you.

You may also use this Reimbursement Claim Form if you paid out-of-pocket costs in an attempt to repair your Dive Computer due to a depth pressure sensor failure.

Before filing a claim, you must click on the "Important Reimbursement Information" button bellow to access the Reimbursement document and read the  document so you can properly and successfully make a claim.

The document also contains all the product model numbers that qualify for this settlement. It also contains important payout information.

Important Reimbursement Information

The refund claim period is now over.